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Why I Do This Work

It is a calling upon my heart and my life. I understand the importance and privilege it is to guide you and your loved ones as you “travel” to new places and live to the fullest until your journey on this earth ends.

I remember the hushed tones.

At eight years of age, my great-grandmother’s death from a stroke was the first in a long list of losses. I was ten when my Grandma Louise died. Dad was at the hospital with her and brought home treats for my brother, sister, and me. I don’t remember much else other than sitting in the front row at her funeral in a dress that matched my sister’s.

When I was in high school, a friend’s baby died. He was born and then he was gone, never left the hospital. I had no idea what to say or do. In college, another friend’s sister had her leg amputated from cancer. People said it was wonderful the way the illness brought their family closer. Her dad wondered if she would lose her other leg if the family later broke apart.

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