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Caregiver pushing woman in wheelchair outside |  | Grace-in-the-Leaving with Laura Hoekstra | End-of-Life Doula Services | Grand Rapids, MI

End-of-Life Offerings

Someone somewhere planned for your birth.

Pregnancy calendars may have tracked your growth. There were timelines given, as well as what to expect when you are expecting and what to expect during delivery and after.

Now it is time to plan for your death.

You can do this at any time in your life but it is especially important when facing a life-limiting illness or disease.

I am honored to provide non-medical support throughout three main phases of the end-of-life journey

End-of-Life Doula Services

For you . . .

  • Talking with you about dying and helping you identify your wishes

  • Helping you plan for what you want after your death (for example, how you want your body cared for and the type of funeral or memorial service)

  • Explaining how dying may feel and what symptoms you may experience

  • Working with you to find meaning in your life and how you want to be remembered by sharing memories, writing down stories, writing letters for loved ones, and helping you with your “Bucket List”

  • Designing the physical space for your death, including the arrangement of furniture, items of special significance, music or other sounds, and smells

  • Providing comfort measures such as Reiki/comfort touch massage, music, reading, guided visualization,  aromatherapy, and breath work

  • Encouraging your loved ones to provide touch and affection, holding space and awareness as you transition

  • Helping organize a vigil; participating in holding a quiet, respectful space during your final days and hours

  • Mediation and advocacy with family and serving as liaison with your medical team, hospice team, staff at care facilities, funeral home staff, and more

  • Providing spiritual support as well as creating and leading rituals that honor your traditions, beliefs, and practices

Caregiver massaging patient's hand and wrist |  | Grace-in-the-Leaving with Laura Hoekstra | End-of-Life Doula Services | Grand Rapids, MI
Women holding on to picture frame grieving | Grace in the Leaving with Laura Hoekstra | End-of-Life Doula Services | Michigan

For your family and loved ones . . .

  • Organizing paperwork; locating documents of importance

  • Arranging your physical space and possessions

  • Identifying and locating community resources for your safety and well-being, if needed

  • Providing logistical support; coordinating coverage for appointments and care

  • Taking over non-medical caregiver duties to allow other caregivers to rest

  • Planning for memorial services; writing your obituary

  • Helping your loved ones understand the signs of death and what symptoms you may be experiencing

  • Supporting your loved ones in providing love and affection in ways you desire

  • Providing spiritual support that honors your family's beliefs and traditions

  • Helping loved ones process grief and loss; caring for them in the immediate days following your death

  • Guiding your loved ones in identifying how to continue your legacy​

For your community . . .

  • Community education and informational seminars on topics related to death, grief, and loss

  • Hands-on legacy workshops

  • Photo journaling, letter writing, and memoir writing

  • Capturing your stories

  • Book studies online or in-person

  • Spiritual and mindfulness practices

  • Community gatherings

  • Memorials and celebrations for holidays, anniversaries, and other special days

Person holding black and white photo of mom and child | Grace in the Leaving with Laura Hoekstra | End of Life Doula | Michigan
Woman writing |  | Grace-in-the-Leaving with Laura Hoekstra | End-of-Life Doula Services | Grand Rapids, MI


As the reality of death approaches, I will help you find meaning in your life and plan for your death.

Two hands reaching to one another |  | Grace-in-the-Leaving with Laura Hoekstra | End-of-Life Doula Services | Grand Rapids, MI


As you near the end of your days on this earth, I will provide an additional layer of support to your healthcare provider(s) to help ensure you are comfortable and that your wishes are being carried out.

Boy sending lantern to sky |  | Grace-in-the-Leaving with Laura Hoekstra | End-of-Life Doula Services | Grand Rapids, MI


In the immediate time after death, friends and family members will receive support as they begin to process their grief. At this time, I can also help with logistical needs.