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Grace Notes

Music Notes/Sheet Music | Grace Notes Blog | Grace in the Leaving with Laura Hoekstra | End-of-Life Doula Services | West Michigan

Welcome to my blog space. I’ve chosen the name “Grace Notes” because, as a musician, they are some of my favorite notes to sing and play! defines them as “a note not essential to the harmony or melody, added as an embellishment.” They are brief notes that resolve into a main, or principal note. They introduce rhythm and harmony in ways that bring additional life and color to pieces of music.

Grace notes can also be defined as anything that provides a decorative or finishing touch to something else. They add a little extra touch of beauty, hospitality, and classiness. They are fresh and original, and that is my goal for this blog.

By writing from my heart, knowledge, and experiences, I hope to bring something valuable that will encourage, inspire, and educate. Thank you for reading!


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